Human Rights Association

Network uniting organizations and individuals interested in the human rights work.


Let's Bookmarks it!

Project Let's Bookmarks it! was oriented on bringing Bookmarks manual closer to youth organizations and schools through competence building of youth workers/educators from youth organizations and school teachers on how to use bookmarks manual and what kind of actions can be followed up.

The campaign on Georgian level remains driven by the need to counter online hate speech in all its forms, includi...

About Us

Human Rights Association (HRA) is a youth network which unites organizations and individuals who are actively involved or interested in the human rights work in Georgia. We support the process of development of strong civil society which will have value based connection to human rights, democracy, participation and diversity. The need of establishing the organization was significantly contributed by the successful developments of the Council of Europe - No Hate Speech Movement campaign on regional level in Eastern Partnership Countries.


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